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Game type options

SNR supports regular base-game play as well as a number of variants and expansion scenarios, including all the official FFG expansions (or will eventually).

Base game - 10 rounds, factions in home territories.

Race to King’s Landing - Same as base game, but Baratheon is excluded as a faction and some areas of the map are blocked off.


Add a password to block randoms from joining your game.

Use ADwD / AFFC cards

The game has an additional set of cards for every house, including the Arryn and Targaryen factions. Try them out if the base game is getting a little old.

Random Houses

You are allowed to pre-select houses, or set houses to random.

Random Chosen Houses

You can additionally randomize only player-selected houses, so that any house that is un-chosen will be designated as a vassal (because some houses work better as vassals than others).

Tides of Battle

This optional variant adds some randomness to battles by adding a 24-card deck. One card is issued to each player in a battle, adding additional strength 0-3, a sword, a fort, or a skull (automatic casualty). Good if you prefer your battles not to be completely deterministic and want battles to be more like the unexpected risks of a real-life military campaign.

Clash of Kings Variant

This variant from the first edition of the game lets everyone know all cards in the Westeros phase from the next 3 rounds. If you fancy yourself a long-term strategist and dislike the randomness of the Westeros draw, try this one out.

Draft Mode

If you are familiar with the game and want some additional craziness, try draft mode. You and other players will be able to draft from the entire pool of available house cards. Keep in mind that you are still only permitted 7 to a hand, and that includes the standard 0-1-1-2-2-3-4 hand structure. Also, if you have this option selected, the influence tracks will be drafted as well. When it’s your turn, you can pick a house card or choose a position on an influence track.

Thematic Draft Mode

An option to the normal draft mode. When this option is selected, each house can simultaneously build its deck from its base deck and its alternate deck. (Cannot be combined with Limited Draft Mode)

Limited Draft Mode

An option to the normal draft mode. When this option is selected, the pool of draftable cards is limited to the variant you are playing. So it consists of either the base game decks, MoD Arryn and MoD Targaryen A or the ADwD, AFfC and MoD B decks. (Cannot be combined with Thematic Draft Mode)

Blind Draft Mode

An option to the normal draft mode. When this option is selected, each house is assigned a random deck and a random position on the influence tracks. (Can be combined with Limited Draft Mode, but not with Thematic Draft Mode)

Endless Mode

Instead of 10 rounds, go until players collectively decide to end the game at the end of a designated round. You can choose when that end is at any time.

Preceding mustering

This option will trigger an additional mustering in round 1 before the game proceeds with the ususal planning phase.

Mother of Dragons options

Although the rules state MoD elements must be used entirely or not at all, they are available on S&R modular. See Deviations from the offical rules for details.


This option activates the vassal mechanic, which means that games with up to 7 houses can be started once 3 players are seated. For an 8 player game with Targaryen you need at least 4 seated players. The unassigned houses will be so-called vassals. For more details, see the Vassals info page.

Sea Order Tokens

When this option is selected all players receive 3 additional Orders which can only be placed on sea regions. The benefit they give is that they make your order token choices a little larger, which is nice. You have an additional support order, a -1 march and an Iron Bank token, which will be usable IF and only if the Iron Bank module is added (not currently available).

Start with 7 Power tokens

All houses will start with 7 Power tokens instead of 5.

Gifting Power Tokens

When this option is selected, power tokens become a currency in Westeros and players can trade with each other. See Hidden Platform Features for details.