Game layout

Swords and Ravens was designed to be responsive from the start, though over time it has become apparent that the game plays better on mobile devices with a forced desktop layout.

However, since desktop devices can have very different resolutions, the responsive layout proves to be very helpful and the base game has been optimized for HD resolution of 1980x1020. With the introduction of House Targaryen and the now much wider map, it became difficult.

The 8-player variant is now best played on devices with a QHD resolution of 2560x1440. However, to keep the whole thing still attractive for HD, the House Info column has been swapped with the Game State column so that the important game information can always be found next to the map and the House Info column is placed below the map if necessary. The old familiar view can be restored via Settings. Furthermore, the House Info column can now be collapsed.

But there are more ways to customize the game experience to your needs. The browser zoom. Scale down to 80% and you will have the same experience with HD as with QHD. All elements are displayed side by side. This is also handy if you play the game in a reduced window instead of full-screen mode, or at an even lower resolution than HD. Please note that a possible OS zoom will also affect the browser experience.

If you notice an unpleasant display, please report it together with a screenshot via the known channels.