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Deviations from the Official Rules

Swords and Ravens of course tries to follow the official rules of the game as closely as possible. However, we have decided to make exceptions in a few cases where we deliberately deviate from the official rules. If you think that Swords and Ravens does not follow the rules, except for the following situations, please report it through the known channels.


  1. The Mother of Dragons rules state that the expansion elements cannot be used in a modular way. We have decided to make the changes modular and optional and allow them in all other scenarios to be played as well to give players more freedom in game creation.
  2. Theoretically, another player may support an attack against a neutral force. However, since this is a very rare special case and would unnecessarily complicate and slow down the march process, we have not implemented this feature.
  3. Furthermore, it is theoretically possible to provide support from only one area, even if there are support orders in several adjacent areas. In Swords and Ravens this is not possible for the sake of simplicity and you can only grant or deny support completely.
  4. Massing on the Milkwater - Wildling Victory: According to FAQv2, the situation is clarified as follows:

    Q: When resolving the penalty on the “Massing on the Milkwater” wildling card, if the lowest bidder only has two cards in their hand and both are the same strength, when and how should they retrieve their hand of discarded cards?

    A: The lowest bidder first chooses and discards one card. Then, they discard their last card, leaving it in the discard pile while they retrieve their other six (including the card they chose to discard first).

    However, we consider this more of a reward than a penalty (only 1s and 2s are doubled), so we decided to treat this case as if there were only one card left in the hand, and therefore no card is discarded.

  5. By definition, the raven phase is part of the planning phase. Since it was easier to implement, S&R took the liberty of integrating the raven phase into the action phase.