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Hidden Features

Don’t miss some of the other, more obscure features of the platform.

Westeros Phase tooltips

You can hover over the Westeros Phase with your mouse to see the remaining Westeros cards. Now you can estimate the chances that that badly needed Mustering card will come up next round.


Round tooltips

Hover over the hourglass to see the number of rounds remaining in the game.

Keep in mind:

Normal game: 10 rounds

Dance with Dragons variant: 6 rounds only!


Gifting Power Tokens

You can hover over a player’s power token image to pull up a menu for gifting tokens.


When you can’t win, bribe your way to victory!

Getting Territory Information

Likewise, hover over a territory to get more information about it.


Houses are Re-ordered by Score

Houses will be reordered first based on the number of castles they control, and secondly by number of overall territories controlled. Players with 5 castles are shown in orange, and 6 are shown in red (and about to win, watch out!).


Resolve march orders

After you have choosen a target area for one of your units, this area cannot be used by other units anymore. You have to select all the units you want to move to this area at once.