A players turn has been skipped after resolving Doran’s ability. Why?

This is intended as described here on page 3: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/cf/06/cf06eb26-48e3-46b9-b57c-f053beb2518d/agotbg_faq_v2_forweb.pdf

Q: Is it possible for a player’s turn be ‘skipped’ if the Doran Martell house card moves their token to the last position of the Iron Throne track?

A: Yes, it is possible for a House’s turn to be skipped after the resolution of Doran’s text ability. The turn order of the Iron Throne track is always followed exactly as it appears; the “1” position goes first, followed by the “2” position, followed by position “3”, etc. It is the position on the track that determines the current player, regardless of which Houses have taken their turn.

Why the last house card is not automatically chosen in combat?

Remember that the game automatically assigns your own support orders to your initial combat strength. During the “Choose House Cards” step, you will have the opportunity to reject the possible support you have received. This is necessary for house cards like Roose Bolton or DwD Stannis, or whenever you think it makes sense to lose the current battle. So if you have received support, the last card can no longer be automatically chosen so players can decline their support at that time. The same is true for the owner of the Valyrian Steel Blade, who can also choose to burn the Valyrian Steel Blade at that time in any case (because later the game might skip the question if you want to use the VSB).

How can I split my army when resolving a march order?

The mechanics of resolving a marching order is that you must first click on the march order you want to resolve. Then the units of that area will start to light up and you can select them to march. You must now select all the units for the desired target area at once, and then click on the target area. You can’t add any more units to that area, but select another area for them and you can split your army that way.

Why I cannot perform my march?

There are 3 rules that some users are not aware of and that can prevent the march from being performed as desired:

  1. Before resolving combat, all other non-combat movement from the area assigned the March Order must be completed. (Remember that any movement at any time must be in compliance with your supply limit. Should only a successful battle regulate your supply limit, this movement is forbidden, as a failure and the following retreat would be invalid. Although an attack on a neutral force cannot fail, this rule still applies because an attack on a neutral force counts as combat.)
  2. You can’t take any of your vassals’ territories.
  3. Vassals cannot march into ports.

Is it possible to show the initial combat strengths before a player starts a battle?

In principle, it would not be a big effort to show the CombatInfoDialog, which is displayed during a battle and later in the log, also when planning a march order. However, we decided not to implement this feature for a specific reason. Combat is the most important action in an area control game, and we want to encourage players to take extra care and look at everything carefully at this point. The past has shown that a one-time miscalculation of a combat will achieve exactly that goal. In the long run, this will also train your strategic skills in your real life games.