Game Map


Map features

Strongholds - Two-story castles. Every House starts off in control of one. They will provide two mustering points worth of units with every mustering, equal to two footmen, two ships, one horse/siege engine, or a combination of units.

Castles - The same as above, but only providing one mustering point.

Barrels - Each barrel in a controlled territory provides one supply to its owner. Supply is required for building larger armies.

Ports - Ports have special rules, but they’re basically attached to the land territory they’re connected to. Ships can attack or raid from ports, but ports cannot be attacked. If you capture the land territory, you gain control of the territory and (if you want) any ships inside of it.

Crowns - Will yield extra tokens in a consolidate power order, or may automatically provide tokens when a Game of Thrones card is drawn during the Westeros phase.

Sea Spaces - Can be controlled by ships. Land units can cross over sea spaces if friendly ships form a bridge to another land territory.

Toggling the Map View

While in a game, you can toggle between a scrollable map window and a fixed map height. Click the ‘Settings’ tab to adjust depending on your screen size.